About Sonna

Sonna's journey began over 50 years ago as a humble boutique devoted to showcasing the vibrant world of African Textiles. Over time, our roots deepened, transforming us into a global force, reaching customers across the globe.

Once at the forefront as the official distributor of Vlisco, serving nations like France, the United Kingdom, the United States, and beyond, we've evolved beyond those roles. Our headquarters, anchored in Arendonk, Belgium, serves as our operational hub, while our vibrant storefronts now grace the streets of Antwerp, London, Paris, and the iconic city that never sleeps, New York.

Step into our Antwerp flagship, a haven just 5 minutes from Central Station, offering an expansive collection of the finest African textiles. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, Sonna USA has risen as an independent powerhouse, delivering the same high-quality textiles we're renowned for. No longer under the Sonna umbrella, Sonna USA stands tall, introducing its own line of exceptional fabrics.

We're not just about the threads – we're the creators of the exclusive Sonna Duku headties, a globally recognized brand. Our assortment spans Ribbons, Seersucker, Osikani, and Laces, showcasing a kaleidoscope of designs and colors. Explore our ever-evolving inventory online, always in tune with the latest trends.

With over 50 years of expertise, Sonna stands as the premier supplier of African textiles worldwide. We express gratitude for your trust and eagerly anticipate providing you with the finest African textiles and service available in the industry. Welcome to Sonna, where tradition meets innovation, and each fabric tells a unique story.